fuhhh!! ari nie post pasal lain skit k..yeahh
kene ade perubahan skit..skang kite masuk fashion skit k..
spe tak kenal meh baca nie..
ape yang aku dapat cakap
R E S P E K !!
R E S P E K !!
R E S P E K !!
R E S P E K !!
R E S P E K !!
design kasut die terbaik doe..
simple tp nmpk mcm grand..sumpoh!
aku berharap giler-giler one day dapat kasut MACBETH satu
dengan usaha x seberapa aku nih. ..
so nak tau background die..
baca bawah nie

Brand History
Macbeth Footwear was Co-founded in 2002 by platinum selling musician Tom DeLonge, known for fronting such acts as Blink-182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves. With rock music as his muse, DeLonge assembled a team of talented individuals to develop fashion-forward products that were inspired by the music scene and the action sports lifestyle of Southern California that he grew up in. Since 2002, Macbeth has been at the forefront of collaborative efforts with musicians, athletes and artists, creating a blended culture of products for everyday people.

Studio Projects
The Macbeth Studio Project series is our custom footwear program created in collaboration with the Macbeth Family of Artists. We work closely with each artist to design products that reflect their individual personality and sense of creativity.

The goal of the Studio Project series is to give the people who inspire the Macbeth lifestyle a new form of expression. We focus on using unique materials, colors and custom artwork to help convey the vision of each artist on classic Macbeth silhouettes.

so check out kasut dorang nie..nak info n more designs

p/s : kat malaysia nie nak cari leh g kat sunway pyramid..aku tgk ade kat situ..kdai wat do u think??ok x??well lain orang lain rase..haha..btw chaw! keep support us

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